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Professional of
electromechanical motion systems

We serve our customers in all areas of electromechanical motion solutions with more than 10 years of experience.

About us

Superior energy efficiency
and clean environment

Saving energy and protecting the environment are the most important challenges for companies today.
Motiomax Oy is a specialist of linear and rotating electromechanical solutions. Our energy-efficient and almost oil-free systems support in solving these challenges. Widely used hydraulic systems have lousy efficiency and they waste energy. Risk for oil leaks is also significant.

We offer comprehensive electrification solutions. We plan and implement the needed electromechanical cylinders, hub motors for mobile machines, industrial gear motors and the required automation.

Thanks to easy connectivity, our customer-optimized motion systems provide ideal solutions to automate industry and moving machines. Our products enable very precise movements and high forces. In addition, they result safe, clean and quiet operating environment.


Electrification of
industrial systems

Motiomax® is a pioneer in electromechanical motion solutions. By replacing mainly hydraulic systems with our electromechanical solutions we can offer significant advantages:


Electrification of
mobile machinery

We are not just replacing the diesel engine with an electric motor. Instead we electrify all the functions of mobile machinery (cylinders, drive motors and controls).

Compared to conventional diesel engine / hydraulic solutions Motiomax technology offers clear benefits:


Electromechanical cylinders

We design and produce electromechanical cylinders optimized for the customer’s requirements. Our solutions are excellent especially in demanding applications where energy efficiency, precise moves and high forces are required. High reliability and simple structure result low maintenance need. Due to almost oil-free structure, they are ideal to use in conditions requiring cleanliness.

We use in our electromechanical cylinders heavy load ball screws for demanding use, which together with high-quality Motiomax gearboxes offer reliable operation and a long service life.


Hub motors and integrated
BLDC -motors

Motiomax® electric hub motor is designed with completely identical mounting dimensions and therefore it can easily used to replace hydraulic hub motors. The integrated Motiomax BLDC motor enables very compact design that can be optimized according to the application.

Our motors are used in mobile machinery and industrial automation systems. Our solutions are characterized by:


Our latest news

Here is info about e.g. our latest projects and product development in the sector.

Motiomax joins Norrhydro group

Motiomax and Norrhydro have signed an agreement whereby Norrhydro will acquire majority of Motiomax. With this acquisition, Motiomax gains a strong partner operating in the field of motion solutions. This significantly strengthens our ability to develop and manufacture electromechanical motion solutions in a rapidly growing market.

Norrhydro is well established in the market as an expert in the latest Hydraulic Solutions (Electrohydraulics and Digital Hydraulics (NorrDigi®)). Motiomax’s electromechanical systems are an inherent extension of that development.

In the future Motiomax is supported by Norrhydro’s product development, manufacturing and sales. In addition, we will gain a significant number of new customers and by working together we can better meet future challenges in changing market.

About Norrhydro plc

Norrhydro is a Finnish pioneer in motion control and one of the leading providers of energy-efficient hydraulic cylinders in Scandinavia. The company develops and manufactures innovative and environmentally friendly hydraulic solutions for the mobile machinery for forestry, material handling, construction equipment, mining, marine and offshore. Norrdigi®, combination of multi-chamber cylinders and intelligent digital control system, represents a global, industry leading technology that significantly reduces emissions and that will revolutionize the entire industry.

Norrhydro has more than 35 years of experience in delivering high-quality hydraulic solutions for demanding conditions. The company’s customers are mainly in Scandinavian, globally operating manufacturers of mobile machinery and equipment, for whom Norrhydro is a long-term strategic partner. Norrhydro’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 19.9 million and EBITDA was EUR 3.8 million. At the end of 2020, the company had approximately 124 employees. The company’s head quarter and production are located in Rovaniemi, in addition to which the company also has engineering offices in Tampere and Kuopio.

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